Custom T-shirt, do you have chosen?

CustCustom T-shirts are popular all year round, but do you have a headache because of the choice of color, then how do we determine the color of the T-shirt when choosing T-shirt customization? Many companies will customize T-shirts. When choosing a custom color for a T-shirt, we first need to determine the theme we want to express, or whether the corporate logo has a primary color. The color of the T-shirt selected in this way is the suitable color. If there are no restrictions on these conditions, what color should T-shirts choose? Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you, how to choose the color of the T-shirt custom bottom shirt.

1, according to the sun protection index comparison

   When choosing a T-shirt customization, we need to determine the use scene of the T-shirt. If the T-shirt is mainly used for outdoor activities and outdoor promotion, you should choose a light T-shirt such as a white T-shirt, because the light-colored clothing can be very Good reflection of the sun, this will ensure our cool experience in outdoor activities. Whether it is physically or visually cool, dark T-shirts are very hygroscopic. Generally speaking, in summer outdoor activities, dark colors are not chosen as the main color.

2, color adhesion comparison

    Dropping is a lot of clothes that happen when washing, especially dark clothes. When we wash clothes, we often have dark T-shirts that fade when washing. In particular, incorrect washing methods are more likely to cause discoloration of dark clothes. In order to avoid such a situation, many companies will choose light-colored clothing when customizing T-shirts, in order to build the clothes to fade and affect the appearance quality of the clothes.

3. Comparison of appearance impressions

     Dark clothing will be more formal than light-colored clothing, and light-colored clothing will give people a sense of youth and sunshine. It is also very important to make choices according to the preferences of employees when customizing T-shirts. After all, these are the clothes that employees wear.

     The choice of color can be selected according to individual requirements. In different occasions, the color should be relatively selected, and the company can match the color according to the company's culture.

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